Jazz murphy bed
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Jazz murphy bed

by  Barbieri CL selection

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Sofa with one or two lateral armrests (second armrest is optional), ending part that slides in three different positions, reclining back rest, storage space underneath the sofa seat. It is integrated with a living wallpanel and it transforms into a double bed always ready to use provided with an innovative slatted base with aluminium frame and regulation system (bed base CF97)


Dimensions :

  • Closed 220 x 281 x 125-161-175 cm / 86.6 x 110.6 x 49.2-63.4-68.9 inches
  • Open 220 x 281 x 220 cm / 86.6 x 110.6 x 86.6 inches
  • Height of bed base from the floor 51 cm / 20 inches
  • Height of sofa seat from the floor 37 cm / 14.6 inches
  • Depth of the seat 60 cm / 23.6 inches


All the said models are provided with an innovative slatted bed base with anodized aluminium extruded frame and regulation system. The frame is integrated in the structure of the furniture and during opening and closing movements it slides on polyzene cams. Supports and joints are realized with proper moulds and fusions. The balancing system of the tilting mechanisms is provided with a safety stop device, without tie-rod nor spring at sight, since these are inserted in the frame with adjustable system and through specific devices, they remain perfectly tighten in both the day and the night positions. The fixation of the front panel is done with no hardware. Opening and closing are done with a simple motion through a handle placed in the front shelf, which by a tilting movement becomes support of the bed on ground and remains always parallel to the floor during the opening , allowing to leave objects on it.


All the above listed models are supplied disassembled and their easy installation is supported by comprehensive instructions. All the above listed models are self standing The installator is in charge to test the correct fixing and to provide with a workmanlike installation The opening system is fixed to the structure with gears that remain perfectly tighten in both the day and the night positions. For slightly uneven floor it is required to regulate the adjustable feet as described on the assembling instructions. Maximum weight supported by the bed : kg. 200

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